Source code for autogalaxy.plot.include.one_d

import autoarray.plot as aplt

[docs]class Include1D(aplt.Include1D): def __init__(self, half_light_radius=None, einstein_radius=None): """ Sets which `Visuals1D` are included on a figure plotting 1D data that is plotted using a `Plotter1D`. The `Include` object is used to extract the visuals of the plotted 1D data structures so they can be used in plot functions. Only visuals with a `True` entry in the `Include` object are extracted and plotted. If an entry is not input into the class (e.g. it retains its default entry of `None`) then the bool is loaded from the `config/visualize/include.ini` config file. This means the default visuals of a project can be specified in a config file. Parameters ---------- half_light_radius If `True`, the `half_light_radius` of the plotted light profile is included on the figure. einstein_radius If `True`, the `einstein_radius` of the plotted mass profile is included on the figure. """ super().__init__() self._half_light_radius = half_light_radius self._einstein_radius = einstein_radius @property def half_light_radius(self): return self.load(value=self._half_light_radius, name="half_light_radius") @property def einstein_radius(self): return self.load(value=self._einstein_radius, name="einstein_radius")