Source code for autolens.point.fit_point.fluxes

from functools import partial
from typing import Optional

import autoarray as aa
import autogalaxy as ag

from autolens.lens.ray_tracing import Tracer

from autolens import exc

[docs]class FitFluxes(aa.FitDataset):
[docs] def __init__( self, name: str, fluxes: aa.ValuesIrregular, noise_map: aa.ValuesIrregular, positions: aa.Grid2DIrregular, tracer: Tracer, point_profile: Optional[] = None, ): super().__init__(dataset=fluxes) self.tracer = tracer self._noise_map = noise_map = name self.positions = positions self.point_profile = ( tracer.extract_profile(profile_name=name) if point_profile is None else point_profile ) if self.point_profile is None: raise exc.PointExtractionException( f"For the point-source named {name} there was no matching point source profile " f"in the tracer (make sure your tracer's point source name is the same the dataset name." ) elif not hasattr(self.point_profile, "flux"): raise exc.PointExtractionException( f"For the point-source named {name} the extracted point source was the " f"class {self.point_profile.__class__.__name__} and therefore does " f"not contain a flux component." )
@property def mask(self): return None @property def noise_map(self): return self._noise_map @property def fluxes(self) -> aa.ValuesIrregular: return self.dataset @property def deflections_func(self): """ Returns the defleciton function, which given the image-plane positions computes their deflection angles. For multi-plane ray-tracing with more than 2 planes, the deflection function determines the index of the plane with the last mass profile such that the deflection function does not perform unecessary computations beyond this plane. """ if len(self.tracer.planes) > 2: upper_plane_index = self.tracer.extract_plane_index_of_profile( ) return partial( self.tracer.deflections_between_planes_from, plane_i=0, plane_j=upper_plane_index, ) return self.tracer.deflections_yx_2d_from @property def magnifications(self): """ The magnification of every position in the image-plane, which is computed from the tracer's deflection angle map via the Hessian. """ return abs( self.tracer.magnification_2d_via_hessian_from( grid=self.positions, deflections_func=self.deflections_func ) ) @property def model_data(self): """ The model-fluxes of the tracer at each of the image-plane positions. Only point sources which are a `PointFlux` type, and therefore which include a model parameter for its flux, are used. """ return aa.ValuesIrregular( values=[ magnification * self.point_profile.flux for magnification in self.magnifications ] ) @property def model_fluxes(self) -> aa.ValuesIrregular: return self.model_data @property def residual_map(self) -> aa.ValuesIrregular: """ Returns the residual map, over riding the parent method so that the result is converted to a `ValuesIrregular` object. """ residual_map = super().residual_map return aa.ValuesIrregular(values=residual_map)