autolens.Mapper(mapper_grids: MapperGrids, regularization: Optional[AbstractRegularization], profiling_dict: Optional[Dict] = None)#

Factory which given input MapperGrids and Regularization objects creates a Mapper.

A Mapper determines the mappings between a masked dataset’s pixels and pixels of a linear object pixelization. The mapper is used in order to fit a dataset via an inversion. Docstrings in the packages linear_obj, mesh, pixelization, mapper_grids mapper and inversion provide more details.

This factory inspects the type of mesh contained in the MapperGrids and uses this to determine the type of Mapper it creates. For example, if a Delaunay mesh is used, a MapperDelaunay is created.

  • mapper_grids – An object containing the data grid and mesh grid in both the data-frame and source-frame used by the mapper to map data-points to linear object parameters.

  • regularization – The regularization scheme which may be applied to this linear object in order to smooth its solution, which for a mapper smooths neighboring pixels on the mesh.

  • profiling_dict – A dictionary which contains timing of certain functions calls which is used for profiling.

Return type

A mapper whose type is determined by the input mapper_grids mesh type.