Chapter 4: LinearEqns

In chapter 4, we use LinearEqns to reconstruct complex source galaxies on pixelized grids.

The chapter contains the following tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Pixelizations - Creating a pixel-grid in the source-plane.

Tutorial 2: Mappers - How a pixelizations maps source-pixels to image-pixels.

Tutorial 3: LinearEqns - Inverting the mappings to reconstruct the source’s light.

Tutorial 4: Bayesian Regularization - Smoothing the source within a Bayesian framework.

Tutorial 5: Borders -Preventing highly demagnified image-pixels ruining the inversion.

Tutorial 6: Lens Modeling - How to use inversions to fit a lens model.

Tutorial 7: Adaptive Pixelization - An Voronoi pixelization which adapts to the mass model’s magnification.

Tutorial 8: Model Fit - An example lens modeling pipeline which uses an inversion.