Source code for autogalaxy.galaxy.redshift

[docs]class Redshift(float): """ Class used when assigning a redshift to a `Galaxy` object. This object is only required when making the `Redshift` of the `Galaxy` a free parameter in a model that is fitted. This is because **PyAutoFit** (which handles model-fitting), requires all parameters to be a Python class. The `Redshift` object does not need to be used for general **PyAutoGalaxy** use. Examples -------- import autofit as af import autogalaxy as ag bulge = af.Model(ag.lp.Sersic) redshift = af.Model(ag.Redshift) redshift.redshift = af.UniformPrior(lower_limit=0.0, upper_limit=2.0) galaxy = af.Model(ag.Galaxy, redshift=redshift, bulge=bulge) model = af.Collection(galaxies=af.Collection(galaxy=galaxy)) """ def __new__(cls, redshift): # noinspection PyArgumentList return float.__new__(cls, redshift) def __init__(self, redshift): float.__init__(redshift)