Chapter 1: Strong Lensing#

In chapter 1, we introduce you to strong gravitational lensing and the core PyAutoLens API.

Binder links to every tutorial are included.

The chapter contains the following tutorials:

Tutorial 0: Visualization - Setting up PyAutoLens’s visualization library.

Tutorial 1: Grids - Uniform grids of (y,x) coordinates used for ray-tracing.

Tutorial 2: Profiles - Analytic profiles representing light and mass distributions.

Tutorial 3: galaxies - Making galaxy objects out of light and mass profile.

Tutorial 4: Planes - Grouping galaxies at a common redshift to form an image-plane and source-plane.

Tutorial 5: Ray Tracing - Using Grids and galaxies to perform strong lens ray-tracing!

Tutorial 6: More Ray Tracing - Advanced strong lens ray-tracing.

Tutorial 7: Data - Loading and inspecting telescope imaging data of a strong lens.

Tutorial 8: Fitting - Fitting data with a strong lens model.

Tutorial 9: Summary - A summary of the chapter.