class VoronoiNN[source]#

Bases: Voronoi

An irregular mesh of Voronoi pixels, which using no interpolation are paired with a 2D grid of (y,x) coordinates.

For a full description of how a mesh is paired with another grid, see the Pixelization API documentation.

The Voronoi mesh represents pixels as an irregular 2D grid of Voronoi cells.

A Pixelization using a Voronoi mesh has four grids associated with it:

  • image_plane_data_grid: The observed data grid in the image-plane (which is paired with the mesh in the source-plane).

  • image_plane_mesh_grid: The (y,x) mesh coordinates in the image-plane (which are the centres of Voronoi cells in the source-plane).

  • source_plane_data_grid: The observed data grid mapped to the source-plane (e.g. after gravitational lensing).

  • source_plane_mesh_grid: The centre of each Voronoi cell in the source-plane (the image_plane_mesh_grid maps to this after gravitational lensing).

Each (y,x) coordinate in the source_plane_data_grid is paired with all Voronoi cells it falls within, without using an interpolation scheme.



Mapper objects describe the mappings between pixels in the masked 2D data and the pixels in a mesh,


Return the Voronoi source_plane_mesh_grid as a Mesh2DVoronoi object, which provides additional functionality for performing operations that exploit the geometry of a Voronoi mesh.


Relocates all coordinates of the input source_plane_data_grid that are outside of a


Relocates all coordinates of the input source_plane_mesh_grid that are outside of a border (which