James Nightingale: Lead developer & PyAutoLens guru.

Richard Hayes: Lead developer & PyAutoFit guru.

Aristeidis Amvrosiadis: Interferometer Analysis.

Amy Etherington : Magnification, Critical Curves and Caustic Calculations.

Qiuhan He: NFW Profile Lensing Calculations.

Johnathan Frawley: Profiling, optimization and build server tools.

Ashley Kelly: Developer of pyquad for fast deflections computations.

Xiaoyue Cao: Analytic Ellipitcal Power-Law Deflection Angle Calculations.

Nan Li: Docker integration & support.

Code Donors:

Andrew Robertson: Critical curve & caustic calculations.

Mattia Negrello: Visibility models in the uv-plane via direct Fourier transforms.

Andrea Enia: Voronoi source-plane plotting tools.

Conor O’Riordan : Broken Power-Law mass profile.