Installation with pipΒΆ

We strongly recommend that you install PyAutoLens in a Python virtual environment, with the link attached describing what a virtual environment is and how to create one.

We upgrade pip to ensure certain libraries install:

pip install --upgrade pip

The latest version of PyAutoLens is installed via pip as follows (specifying the version as shown below ensures the installation has clean dependencies):

pip install autolens==2021.10.14.1

If this raises no errors PyAutoLens is installed! If there is an error check out the troubleshooting section.

Next, clone the autolens workspace (the line --depth 1 clones only the most recent branch on the autolens_workspace, reducing the download size):

cd /path/on/your/computer/you/want/to/put/the/autolens_workspace
git clone --depth 1
cd autolens_workspace

Run the script to get started!