Chapter 2: Lens Modeling#

In chapter 2, we’ll take you through how to model strong lenses using a non-linear search.

The chapter contains the following tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Data - Loading and inspecting telescope imaging data of a strong lens.

Tutorial 2: Fitting - Fitting data with a strong lens model.

Tutorial 3: Non-linear Search - How a non-linear search is used to fit a lens model.

Tutorial 4: Parameter Space And Priors - The Concepts of a parameter space and priors.

Tutorial 5: Realism and Complexity - Finding a balance between realism and complexity when composing and fitting a lens model.

Tutorial 6: Dealing with Failure - What to do when PyAutoLens finds an inaccurate lens model.

Tutorial 7: Linear Profiles - Light profiles which capture complex morphologies in a reduced number of non-linear parameters.

Tutorial 8: Masking and Positions - How to mask and mark positions on your data to improve the lens model.

Tutorial 9: Results - Overview of the results available after successfully fitting a lens model.

Tutorial 10: Need for Speed - How to fit complex models whilst balancing efficiency and run-time.